FIC website has a new WordPress look!

The Federal issues Committee website now has a new WordPress look and feel!

Most of the “legacy” website has been ported to the WordPress format and uses in-line frame tags (“<iframe>”) in the HTML. WordPress users have encountered some display problems when coding their pages and posts with in-line frames. Therefore, in order to view the webpages correctly, your browser must be capable of displaying in-line frames. Also, some important functionality will be lost if scripting ( “Javascript” ) is turned off.

In the coming days much of the prior “invent-the-wheel” functionality will be replaced hopefully with the time-tested WordPress capabilities. For example:

  • The FIC Forum is to be superceded by the WordPress Comments facility.
  • Users will be permitted to register according different “roles and capabilities”: general users as subscribers, IAP members as contributors, FIC members as authors or even editors [ ]

Importantly, “bugs” ought be fixed and not overlooked. Please do not hesitate to contact the FIC chair if you have trouble viewing the site.

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2 Responses to FIC website has a new WordPress look!

  1. Doyle Edmiston says:

    I wrote a letter to the editor 2 yrs ago with my solution to a balanced budget:
    Balanced Budget:CAN’T AGREE, CUT EQUALLY, Pay and Programs
    Therefore, I am thinking of some T-shirts along the line of:

    Everyone I know is smart enough to balance the federal budget,
    Don’t Vote For A Man Who Can’t

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Doyle,

    I remember reading your letter to the editor. I think it is obvious that Pres. Obama and Sen. Casey are not serious about balancing the budget. Their whole economic philosophy is oriented towards deficit spending and tax rate increases. Rate increases, by stifling economic growth, will only reduce revenues to the government. The choice is clear in this election as to who are committed to getting the federal government’s fiscal house in order — the Romney/Ryan ticket and Tom Smith for U.S. Senator! Thanks for your comment. [ Pete Cooper ]